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August, 31st!

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Rebel Burger

🐄🥩 Locally-sourced, grass-fed beef that melts in your mouth.
🥒🔥 Pickles spiced with an adventurous twist of Adjika seasoning.
👌🍴 Confit green onions
🌶️🌿 Spices from the vibrant culinary heritage of Lahore.
🇺🇸🇺🇸 All-American Smashburger

rebelburger-83-min (2).jpg

The Abundance Bowl

🍊🌱 Mandarin oranges' zest meets umami from miso, enriched by tamari vinaigrette
🌱🍚 Black rice's nuttiness interwoven with Gochujang spice, carrot ribbons, and shishito peppers
🥬🌿 Bok choy, nappa cabbage, nori, and cilantro create a crispy, elevated ensemble
🌳 Plant-powered vitality

Your rebellion against blandness starts here. Welcome to Rebel Burger – where flavor knows no bounds.

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