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Restaurant Consultant

We're looking for a seasoned Executive Chef to develop recipe for our menu items, help hire and train our team

You’re excited about this job because you will…

  • Develop recipe: Ideate and develop recipes after deeply understanding the company vision for the menu items.

  • Vet talent: Help the company hire the right talent by vetting across the right pre-defined personality attributes.

  • Train the team: Once recipe is finalized, train the team to build recipe end-to-end with QA processes baked-in. 

  • Design operations: Collaborate with executive team to define kitchen ops for maximum operational efficiency while preserving high quality and taste. 

  • Review ops: Review live ops for beta orders and provide feedback to executive team. 

We’re excited about you because…

  • You have a successful track record of working in the kitchens 

  • You already serve the AVL community and people love your food 

  • You understand the ins-and-outs of a successful kitchen 

  • You can identify personality traits and attributes that are needed from a successful kitchen team

  • You have strong written and verbal communication

  • You are trustworthy and reliable

  • You enjoy bringing your recipes to life in a commercially successful way


  • $95/hr 

  • Total hours will be defined per availability and target timelines

Start Date

  • First week of May and wrap up project by Mid-May

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to building an inclusive community within our company. We hire and cultivate diverse teams of people from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

This position is filled. If you are an Executive chef, and are interested in such future projects, please apply and we'll reach out to you then -- we'll have plenty of consulting projects! 

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