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Eat Local, Taste Global

Every burger 🍔has the best of Asheville, crafted with local ingredients. 


Our secret? A unique Lahore spice blend 🧂 that elevates each bite to an explosion of flavor! Accompanied by zesty Adjika mayo and spicy pickles 🥒🔥— it’s a flavor journey.

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better for you. Cooked in beef tallow


Forget seed oils. Our fries are crisped to perfection in beef tallow, for a healthier choice. Choose Rebel spices or plain, and don’t forget to dip in our signature Rebel Sauce. 🍟✨

Here's how our customers rave about the flavor: 

“Last night’s burgers were delish! Loved the spice! Definitely want to try without the spice too. I’d been craving a burger and these really hit the spot! 👏” - Anna A. 


“I never give feedback, but for this, I will. I just ordered the burger as it comes on the menu. I think it might just be the best burger in town!” - Jeff S.


🌱 Fuel up with our Plant-Powered Abundance Bowl 🥗

Enjoy premium, locally-sourced ingredients like Forbidden Rice, bok choy, cabbage, and fresh oranges 🍊. Experience an explosion of flavors with Gochugaru spices, a rich Peanut Butter Miso base, and a zesty Tamari Vinaigrette. This nutrient-dense bowl is a delicious way to Eat More Local!


You never regret a good plant-based bowl, it's a guilt-free indulgence made with love and kindness.

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Proudly Asheville

We believe in building community resilience, keeping value in the local economy, strengthening community ties, supporting our health, creating the food system we want and celebrating local character and heritage.


Hi-Wire Biltmore Village

Our food truck at Hi-Wire offers dining experience tailored to your convenience, including options for delivery, pickup, and dine-in. Choose the service that best suits your needs. 

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