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Creating Nutritious Deliciousness
Cooking with heart ❤️ 

Chef Christian

Introducing our incredible Executive Chef, Christian Albrecht, who brings a wealth of culinary experience from renowned establishments and esteemed chefs to Rebel Burger!

With a diverse background spanning family-owned restaurants, fine dining kitchens, and even an underground pop-up restaurant, Christian's culinary journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He has trained under the guidance of talented chefs such as Executive Chef Jonna Froelich at Andrews, Chef Joe Shirley at Uberdine, and Chef Richard Neal at The Admiral.

Ali Amin, the Founder of Rebel Burger, draws inspiration from his experiences at DoorDash, Rent the Runway, and Saks Fifth Avenue to bring the Rebel Burger venture to life. Uniting their talents, Ali and Christian have crafted a blend of heritage and innovation, pushing the boundaries of taste and flavor.

The Story of Rebel Burger

The Story of Abundance Bowl


Love & Kindness

Every order we cook for our customers is made with love and kindness. We have an inclusive environment, a great team that has real love for food and finds it an honor to serve our people in Asheville.  

Smiling & Laughing

Our team is always smiling or laughing, and we believe that comes out in our food. We believe in positive emotions 😇, their effect on food and on our health.

Ali smiling

Preston Blakely, Mayor at Town of Fletcher, and Ali, Founder of Rebel Burger, enjoying their conversation after eating a delicious Rebel burger. 


Grounded in service

We are obsessed about serving our customers, we operate with empathy, warmth and earnest hospitality. Our sense of service drives us and keeps us going 🙏

Our Founder serving our nutritiously delicious Rebel Burgers at East Asheville for a tasting we hosted with Hatchworks community. 

We are proudly Asheville, we ❤️ our community 


Personal Trainer, Strength & Mobility coach Kai enjoying Rebel Burger


Mayor Preston Blakely satisified with the delicious Rebel Burger 

Sean and erika

Community Leaders Sean & Erika from Hatchworks loved our Rebel Burger and Abundance Bowl

We are data-driven

By scraping tons of restaurant reviews from Google and Yelp, we understand the top issues that customers in Asheville face are related to quality and taste. We also learned that 33% of quality issues are related to food over-or-under cooked and 38% of taste issues are around needing bold exciting flavors. We are energized to solve these problems through our restaurant.


We are mission-driven

In 2022, 750,000 people in the United States will die from eating the standard American diet. Meanwhile, in 2022, Americans will spend approximately $3.7 trillion on health care, 85 percent of it on treating preventable diseases largely driven by what we eat. Customers are told to muster discipline and self-control all day every day. But discipline is like a muscle, and muscles fatigue. Our food supply today provides about 4,000 calories per person, twice the average need. Our restaurant would play its small part in solving this through our plant-based menu items.

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