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Restaurant Crew Members

We're looking for a relentless operator to prepare food and deliver orders directly to customers. 

You’re excited about this job because you will…

  • Prepare food: Prep food with extreme precision and maintain consistent high quality, taste and temperature. 

  • Deliver orders: Deliver food to customers based on our dispatch process, ensure speed of service, and practice extra hospitality when delivering food to our customers.

  • Organize the kitchen: Clean the equipment and organize the kitchen to maintain a world-class production center. 

  • Ideate solutions: Think of how we can do things better, faster and of higher quality. If your suggestions are valid and evidence-backed, they will be recognized and implemented.

We’re excited about you because…

  • You have a strong work ethic and are highly motivated to perform.

  • You have an insatiable desire to provide great food AND great customer service.

  • You operate with empathy and hospitality.

  • You are comfortable in wearing multiple hats, no task is above you.

  • You have strong written and verbal communication.

  • You are trustworthy and reliable, you love working as part of the team.

  • You are a doer as much as thinker.

  • You have means of transportation, you will be reimbursed for gas for delivering the orders. 

  • You have prior experience in the kitchen and you are Servsafe compliant.


  • $18/hr base pay | $2,800 monthly gross pay 

  • Paid sick days 

  • We're aiming for 5 days (Mon-Fri) at ~6hr shifts. The operating hours may vary by day.

  • Initially this will be a contractor position and we plan to transition to full-time as the business scales. 



We pay higher than market average for entry-level and senior-level jobs. If we hit growth targets, early-employees will be eligible for cash-bonuses. We believe in inclusive growth — if the business grows at desirable levels, the team will financially benefit. Business progress is tied to the team's personal financial progress. 

Start Date

  • Training will initiate ~5/24​ onwards (crew members will be paid for training).

  • Tentative go-live date is July.

  • Please only apply if these dates fit your timeline.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We’re committed to building an inclusive community within our company. We hire and cultivate diverse teams of people from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 

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