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Building health-based kitchens across the AVL region 

Do meaningful work and build meaningful relationships 

Our Mission

In 2022, 750,000 people in the United States will die from eating the standard American diet. Among those deaths, nearly 443,000 will die from high blood pressure, 213,000 from high blood sugar, and 158,000 from high cholesterol. Meanwhile, in 2022, Americans will spend approximately $3.7 trillion on health care, 85 percent of it on treating preventable diseases largely driven by what we eat. We want to build a network of health-based American Kitchens across the AVL region that provide customers with nutritiously delicious food.

Our Values



Disciplined operations are how we build momentum until the point of breakthrough, and beyond.


Job openings

A small team planning to serve nutritiously delicious food to the AVL community

Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC

Upcoming jobs:

Digital Ops Associate

Asheville, NC

The Rebel Burger Difference

A workplace where you are paid competitive wages, have flexible schedules and enjoy career growth opportunities. 



We pay higher than market average for entry-level and senior-level jobs. If we hit  growth targets, early-employees will be eligible for cash-bonuses. We believe in inclusive growth — if the business grows at desirable levels, the team will financially benefit. Business progress is tied to the team's personal financial progress. 

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